Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jazz is dead?
     Who ever told you that lied!  Jazz is not only alive but is constantly growing and moving forward.  As proof to my statement, I offer, from personal observations.  My recent attendance at: Stivers School for the Arts fundraiser to go to the New York Jazz Festival.  The Beavercreek High School Weekend of Jazz Festival and tonight in Fairborn, Ohio; The Fairborn High School Jazz Band spring fundraiser concert.  All of these events were well attended and all the young players were outstanding and really into it.  I have to admit that as a commercial product jazz has its ups and downs but as an art form it continues at a remarkable pace.  Speaking of remarkable, tonight's performance at Fairborn's United Methodist Church was a packed house.  The way the High School Jazz Band and the Jazz Improvisation Ensemble played is a tribute to Mr. Gorretta, Mrs. Gorretta and Mr. Sparling!  In addition to pull of an event of the size and successful outcome is a tribute to the businesses and community who supported it. Well done!

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