Monday, November 15, 2010

Was just down in Cincinnati at the Washington Platform seafood restaurant and heard Sandy Suskind on flute and Rob Allgeyer on keyboards. Took my daughter and her daughter along with me and enjoyed the "Second Sunday" buffet sponsored by Washington Platform and owner Jon Diebold. Thanks to Jon for reminding Ron Gable who reminded me that this jazz scene is still happening. And I do mean happening. Heard some excellent flute work by Sandy on "There is no Greater Love" and a swinging rendition of "Sonny Moon for Two", both musicians listening and playing off each other and then some enjoyable keyboard work on "My One and Only Love." Readers can hear both Rob and Sandy in various jazz venues around the area, especially Cincinnati, but I highly recommend second Sundays at the Washington Platform. Thank you again Jon. Following the first set break the duo was joined by Mike Sharfe. I love to hear Mike any time that I can and they kicked off the second set with "Agua de Babar" - (don't hold me to that spelling) written by Antonio Carlos Jobim. This was followed by an invigorating rendition of "The Masquerade is Over". Up next was some particularly nice bass work by Mike on "Memories of Tomorrow", a Keith Jarrett tune. Unfortunately, this was all I could stay for but thoroughly enjoyable. The food is good and there is quite a beer selection, always an attraction for me. I have been to hear jazz at Washington Platform before and it always delights. Thanks again Jon Diebold. Remember readers, the second Sunday of each month at Washington Platform from 2:00 to 5:00 at 1000 Elm Street in Cincinnati.